The Bangkok Gentlemen Spoofers

The Bangkok Gentlemen Spoofers are based in The British Club Bangkok.  Founded in 1988, it is the longest running spoofing school in South East Asia.  Spoof is held every Tuesday evening from about 7:30 pm onwards in the club’s Churchill Bar where the beverages are still modestly priced.

Besides weekly Spoofing, we host two championships during the year. In early December, we hold the Thai National Spoofing Championships and in June we host the Asian Spoofing Championships.  The Asians have attracted entries from as far afield as Korea, Japan, Australia, and the Middle East. 

The Bangkok gentlemen Spoofers are also active in raising money for projects which benefit disadvantaged  children in Thailand. We have raised millions of baht for these projects and we ensure every baht is spent to the direct benefit of the children, with zero being diverted for administrative purposes. Past projects include a new kitchen for a residential home for disabled children; buying instruments and electrical equipment for a band at a Chiang Mai orphanage; bicycles for children at a rural school in Isaan; and  building a classroom for a slum-school in Bangkok.

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BGS Chairmen

1988 - 1992 Hugh Salmon
1992 - 1996 Peter Snell / James Howard
1996 - 1997 James Howard
1998 - 2006 Stephen Eaton
2006 - 2008 John Boisclair
2008 - 2009 Stephen Eaton
2009 - 2017
Tony Rodriguez / Walter Kreutzner
28.05.2017 - 06.12.2018
Walter Kreutzner
since 07.12.2018 Walter Kreutzner / Sohil Gilani