15th Asian Spoofing Championships

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Booking links:
Agoda: https://www.agoda.com/camelot-hotel/hotel/pattaya-th.html?checkin=2017-05-26&los=2&adults=1&rooms=1&cid=1732929

Booking: http://www.booking.com/hotel/th/the-camelot-pattaya.html?aid=915306&checkin_monthday=26&checkin_month=5&checkin_year=2017&checkout_monthday=28&checkout_month=5&checkout_year=2017&no_rooms=1&group_adults=2

Other recommended hotels in the area:
In case the Camelot is fully booked, the Sun City is directly opposite the Camelot. Also walking distance to the venue is the Beverly Plaza Hotel, the Nova Platinum Hotel, the Sun Xclusive Hotel and the Koenig Mansion.

How to go there:

A lot of fellows booking their flight for the ASIANS right now. I have been asked how to go to Pattaya best. Don’t fly to U Taphao (UPT). You still need a ride to Pattaya town with is about 45 minutes - or more. The easiest way is to fly to Bangkok Suvanabuhmi (BKK) and then transfer to Pattaya via taxi/limo. From Suvanabuhmi:
    • Take a taxi down to Pattaya. Should be around 1,000 Baht. You can take a taxi direct from the taxi-lane in the airport. Driver should use the meter but if he is asking for 1,000 Baht (not more) that is fine.
    • Take a limousine. Book the limousine inside the terminal. More expensive than a taxi. ~1,500 (promotion, usually 1,800)
    • Book a taxi from Pattaya via web. E.g.: http://www.pattayaeasytaxi.com/ or http://www.mikepattayataxi.com/rate-of-service/
    • Take a bus from the airport to Pattaya central bus station and from there a taxi/tuk tuk to the hotel. About 5 times per day, around 100 Baht. (not really recommended)

Fast Track Immigration Service:

After a few discussions by email and during Spoofing last Tuesday, our fellow George mentioned the fast track immigration Service in Suvanarbuhmi airpot (BKK). No queuing at immigration, direct pick-up at the plane with an electric cart etc. I used it before and it is quite comfortable for those who doesn't want to wait or are in a hurry. Check out their website at https://www.bangkokflightservices.com/home/bfs-services/premium-airport-services Directly to bookong here.


Update 7th March 2017: How to go there

Update 14th March 2017: Fast Track Immigration Service