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Study rooms for children at Sarnelli House project

 (A Proposal to Bangkok Gentlemen Spoofers)

Update: 11 Jan 2013

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Sarnelli House is an organization started in 1999 to help the abandoned children especially for the children with HIV/AIDS. There are about 150 children under our care living in six different houses. About half of the mentioned number is infected with HIV/AIDS. We care for them and make sure that these children will have good health and education. All children are now healthy with the proper medical care. We also realize that these children have to have good future and, of course, good education will be a factor to help them to reach that goal.


At the present, the children have study time every day. They sit around the tables to do their homework and study. Sitting together can easily be distracted. We believe that if each of them has their personal desk where they can concentrate the studies and keep the books inside the desk will create their atmosphere of studying much better. Thus we would like to propose to have individual desk for the children at Sarnelli House. Additionally, the rooms have to be improved such as putting more lights and fans.


Our plan


Personal desk with a chair

We would like to have “open top desk” for the children in which they can keep their books and study items inside. The top body is made of ply wood, the leg real wood. The top surface is covered by formica sheet. The below picture is a demo desk that the carpenter Mr. Somchai Bungkrai made.

                                         Sample of one open top desk                                                  Plastic chairs


One desk costs 1,400 baht (included labor) without chair. The detail is on Appendix 1 page. Mr Somchai and his team is an independent local carpenter living and working in Khonkean. He produces the desks in Khonkean where is about 180 kms from Sarnelli House Nongkhai.

For chair, we will use plastic chairs that we can buy at Global House in Nongkhai. It is 90 baht per one chair.


One set of desk and chair costs 1,490 baht. We would like to get 100 sets which will be 14,900 baht in total.

Updates: At the present we have made 21 desks (20 desks for teenage size and 1 demo desk for little children size). I deliberately did this because we would like to fill up one of our houses (Nazareth House) to be an example and the girls can start using it at the same time.


Study rooms

As there are 6 different houses in our project, some of them need to be renovated. Below are the details of each different house:


House name and details

Picture of rooms

Room Renovation/Tasks:

1. Nazareth House:

There are 18 girls living with HIV.

From age of 13 – 18 years old.


Number of desk proposed = 20


  • 3 lights

  • 1 wall electric fan

  • 1 movable board

  • Transferring TV

  • TV wall steel case

Updates of Nazareth house


20 desks only three lights at present sample of board

2. Sarnelli House:

There are 40 children living with HIV.

From age of 6 – 12 years old


Number of desk proposed = 40


  • Transferring TV and satellite

  • TV wall steel case

3. House of Hope:

Home for little children from birth to 6 years old

No need for individual desks

4. Our Lady of Refuge House:

There are 22 poor and abandoned girls.

From age of 7-18 years old.



  • 4 wall fans

  • 1 light

  • Replacing the formica sheet of 30 existing desks

5. Jan and Oscar House:

There are 20 boys living with HIV.

From age of 13-18 years old.


Number of desk proposed = 20



6. St Patrick House:

There are 19 boys without HIV. From age of 8 – 18 years old.


Number of desk proposed = 20


  • 2 wall fans and 2 ceiling fans

  • 4 lights

  • Transferring 3 old fans

 There is a revision of room renovation. We kindly ask you to consider about the number of fan and light, replacing of formica sheet for the old desks, 1 movable board, and 2 TV cases.


Summary of room renovation tasks


  1. 8 Lights

  2. 5 Wall electric fans

  3. 4 Ceiling electric fans

  4. 1 Movable board

  5. 2 TV cases

  6. Replacement of formica sheet for 30 old desks

  7. Transfer of electric fans, TV and satellite


The total cost (material and labor) is 41,310 baht done by the local constructors. Their detail is on Appendix 2 page.


Summary of the Proposed Budget




Budget per an item with labor (Baht)

Price (Thai baht)

A set of individual of desk and chair




Room renovation in total



1,200 per trip

4 trips


Grand total


 *The desks are done in Khonkean which is 180 kms away from us. We will take our 6 wheel truck to transfer the items. We kindly propose and ask you to cover the transportation expenses.


We received the amount of 7,000 baht for the first payment of 10 desks. More invoices will be sending.

 We believe that this project will create a pleasant studying atmosphere among them and I personally wish that they can build their love for studies.


Thank you very much for your kind consideration.

 Fr Puwanai Tantikun, C.Ss.R.


Contact details:

Name: Father Puwanai Tantikun

Organization: Sarnelli House

 Address: P.O. Box 61 Nongkhai, Thailand 43000

 Cell phone: (66) 0818XXXXXX

 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Please inform when a transaction is made, thank you!

Appendix 1

Details and budget of one desk :
1. Carpentry details: Formica, Glue, Wood 1.2”, Ply wood 15 mm, others = 760 Baht per one desk
2. Painting: brown color, turpentine, chalk, others = 250 Baht per one desk
3. Addition: hinge = 55 Baht per one desk
4. Labor = 335 Baht per one desk

Total (Materials + Labor) 1,400 Baht per one desk

Remarks: 3 desks can be made per day without painting job. The painting work has to be done at least 2 days.  

 Appendix 2 

Material and Labor Details 



Price per unit

Amount (baht)


8 units



Wall electric fan

5 units



Ceiling electric fan

4 units



Formica sheet

10 sheets



Electric wire

1 coil




10 cans



Steel (1.5”x1.5”)

2 rods



Metal sheet

4 sheets



Ply wood (10 mm.)

1 piece




1 set (4 pcs.)



Painting Color

1 can









 Budget for classroom renovation is 41,310 Baht

 This will be done by the local constructors.