XIII Asian Spoofing Championship

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Final Joining Instructions
XIII Asian Spoofing Championship
Friday the 29th, 7:00PM Queen Victoria Pub Sukhumvit Soi 23- Welcome Toast, Coin Warmer Inspection, Spoofer Bubble Show
Saturday the 30th, 3:30PM Queen Victoria Pub, Sukhumvit Soi 23 – Asian Spoofing Championship
Esteemed Championship Contenders,
Herewith your final 'joining instructions' for this Friday and Saturday
Friday 7 PM join us at the Queen Victoria Pub on Sukhumvit Soi 23 for Registration, Welcome Toast, Coin Warmer Selection and Spoofer Bubble Show. Price is for both days is 2,900 Thai baht cash ONLY!
While this will be a casual fun evening, Gentlemen Spoofers are encouraged to dress as Spoofers, in spoofing blazer, spoofing polo, Candy striped slippers or similar Spoofing wear,  as to be easily spotted as part of  the tribe. No ties please!
Friday evening, we will have finger food, glowing welcoming speeches and a toast to our intrepid contenders!  But after that, my fellow Spoofers, all drinks are in your own bin Friday and pay heed to the words of our infamous friend Swampy, “Bangkok is the most expensive cheap place I’ve ever been!”.
We will soon move on to the salacious Soi Cowboy!  Keep an eye out for the potential Coin Warmers but keep the other eye on your drink bin! Any molestation or spoilment of Coin Warmers will be heavily fined!!!! Our spotters are everywhere!
9PM sharp, we will be in our Soi Cowboy HQ, Long Gun Bar!!  No food or drinks will be provided but, dear Spoofers, the scales will fall from your eyes!  This one or that one?  I’m not sure!  How about all of them?  Up to you!!!  Mama-san has assured us the Spoofers will be most welcome and the girls will delight us will a special show choreographed just us!
Saturday 3:30 PM – Queen Victoria Pub Sukhumvit Soi 23 - Asian Spoofing Championship
Please arrive at Queen Victoria,  as near to 3:30 PM Saturday as possible, so that we can complete the sign-in, registration and payment formalities as quickly as possible if you have not done so. 

Spoofing starts at 4:00PM !!! Those not present risk relegation to the repechage or even disqualification. Without a doubt they will be heavily fined unless deemed to have a good excuse – “I was lost on Soi Cowboy…, I went to Indigo.., Who are you guys anyway?..” will NOT be deemed to be valid excuses!


Etiquette decrees that three coins of equal size be used in the Championship. 
Dress Code for Saturday:  Black Tie,  Spoofing/Rugby Blazer,  Red Sea Rig  or  National Dress.
Drinks  :  Free-flow soft drinks, beer and wine, plus some bottled beers and all house pouring brands of spirits.  No champagne, Shirley Temples, Flaming Gorilla Tits, or other Gay Drinks.  Port after dinner. 
Food   :    Pre-spoofing finger snacks with your drinks on arrival. Three course dinner prior the semi-finals.
Fines   :   The  ASIANS is the Bangkok Gentlemen Spoofers main fundraiser for Underprivileged Thai Children.   Our Fines Master, Simon “Douche Bag” Davis ably assisted by his 'Spotters', will be imposing fines on all of us at various stages of the evening for a wide range of actual, virtual, imagined and even unlikely misdemeanors  --  or merely at their own capricious whim.    
The 'normal' fine will be 100 Baht each time but if  you are argumentative, foreign or rich then this may change .................  if you don't have a 100 Baht note available, they will relieve you of the next HIGHEST note denomination (no change given). I strongly advise all of you to arrive with a seriously large wedge of 100  Baht notes in your pocket.
Calcutta   :   The usual Calcutta will, of course, be held under the  control of The Ratcatcher in order to sell off the semi-final 'horses'  -- so bring plenty of dosh for that, either to bid on your own or as part of your chosen Syndicates.