European Spoofing Championships

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Gentlemen, the European Spoofing Championships 2014 will be held in Cardiff in Wales on the afternoon of the 23rd May. Like you, Gentlemen, are used to, there will be a splendit Spoofing lunch of the beginning of the event. The European Rugby Administrators have kindly arranged to play the Final of the European Amlin Rugby Cup in Cardiff on the Friday evening, immediately following the European Spoofing Championships.

Our dear friend The Jamster, 2011 Champion of the Thai National Spoofing Championships, 2010 & 2011 Champion of the Asian Spoofing Championchips and retired fellow Spoofer of the BGS will be joining the event and will proudly wear the colors of our Bangkok Gentlemen Spoofing school.

Gentlemen, WTHAO

World Spoofing Championships 2014

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 It is my pleasure to formally advise that the 32nd World Spoofing Championships will be held on Friday 26th September 2014 at Cabana Las Lilas in Buenos Aries Argentina. Accordingly I attached your invitation which contains the more specific details of proceedings.

 The WSC 2014 will be the first international spoofing championship in Argentina (unless wikipoynton has a contrary view ) so may I suggest you all give serious consideration to attending thus becoming a pioneer and a missionary of spoofing to one of the last frontiers as we all spread the good work of spoofing culture to this new horizon ( End of sermon!)

 While the WSC 2014 is six months away my sincere apologies are extended for not releasing the date and venue much sooner. However the arduous and sometimes acrimonious (and I might add) protracted negotiations I have had with SANZAR in determining the dates and venues for the Four Nations Rugby Championship that were acceptable in terms of our WSC was paramount. Suffice to say common sense did prevail and I’m delighted to announce that Argentina will be matched against New Zealand in Buenos Aries on Saturday 27th September and on Saturday 4th October Argentina come up against Australia in Mendoza. Gentlemen a very satisfactory outcome I would have thought and worth fighting for.

 Accommodation head quarters for Spoofers is the El Conquistador Hotel .. Reservations can be made with Nicolas Martinez This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  A room rate for Spoofers of $US85.00 per night has been negotiated. Already there are in excess of twenty spoofers booked into this fine establishment.

 The two rugby tests are the  book-ends to the weeks activities and therefore provides ample time to familiarize ourselves with Argentinean culture and beyond. With this in mind a tentative ‘tour’ is being put together by Mr. Evert Abendanon which will follow the organized or indeed potentially disorganized itinerary as follows:-

 ·         Friday 26th

32nd World Spoofing Championships

 ·         Saturday 27th

Transfers to La Plata Stadium, pre-match function at a local Club, test match ticket, post match function at a local club, transfers back el conquistador hotel

 ·         Sunday 28th


 ·         Monday 29th

Buenos Aries City tour (3.50 hours)

 ·         Tuesday 30th

Transfer to ferry station for a full day visit to Colonia del Sacramento (Uruguay)

may I suggest we hold the Uruguayan Spoofing Championship over lunch

 ·         Wednesday 1st 

Guacho Ranch excursion with typical Argentine BBQ lunch

Tango Show and lessons at dinner

 ·         Thursday 2nd

Transfers to airport for flight to Mendoza, transfers to hotel, sight seeing

 ·         Friday 3rd

Full day excursion to vineyards, tasting and lunch

 ·         Saturday 4th

Transfers to Malvinas Argentinas Stadium, test match ticket, transfers back to hotel

 ·         Sunday 5th

Transfers to local airport for flight back to Buenos Aries, Buggar Off

 Should you wish to be party to this rabble then please advise me when accepting your invitation to attend the Spoof.


Allow me to conclude by recalling the merits of one Daniel Kahneman a psychologist and the only non-economist to win the coveted Noble Prize for Economics. Daniel considers that the vast majority of human decisions are made intuitively, instinctively, emotionally, unconsciously (what he calls System 1) and that although we have capability of cognitive, analytical, conscious thought (System 2) we really don’t use it very much. In fact we think much less than we think we think! Sounds a lot like Spoofing to me!


Gentlemen I commend your invitation to your favourable consideration to attend a cracking Spoof in what will be the thrill of unchartered waters.



Kind Regards


Mike Banks

aka Banko/Banjo

WSC 1993,2013


Official World Spoofing Championships invitation (.pdf)