15th Asian Spoofing Championships

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Updated 14th March 2017

Esteemed Gentlemen Spoofers,

on behalf of the reigning Asians Spoofing Champion Carl “Tenpole” Sellick you are accordingly invited to the

15th Asian Spoofing Championships!

Tenpole has chosen the beautiful City of Pattaya - on the Eastern Seaboard Riviera - Thailand for this year's ASIANS. We are pleased to announce that the 15th Asian Spoofing Championship will be held in the afternoon of Saturday, May 27th 2017.

Please add the date to you diaries. We confirm that the venue will be the splendidly named Camelot Hotel (there are several ways to pronounce this), a hostelry of fame and favour adjacent to the well renowned Walking Street where one can sample the many delights of Thai hospitality. Further we will explore the “Underbelly of Pattaya” on the Friday evening before, May 26th, where we will endeavour to locate and contract with a cache of coin warmers.

All Gentlemen of impeccable character are invited to join for this celebratory afternoon of gourmet food, wine, world-class Spoof, free-flow drinks and yes, the famous coin warmers. We hope to welcome the Manila Club Spoofers, the No Cash Spoofers from Dubai (and all the other camel jockeys), the Kuala Lumpur Spoofers and of course a lot of Gentlemen from the far far away lands on their way to the British and Irish Lions Tour 2017 in NZ.

The cost for the day will be the same as last year: 3000 Baht / 100 US$ / 750 Pound Sterling(we don’t know the value io the GBP in 3 month time, so you might want to pay in US$) payable in advance with your country manager or +10% on the door. Please RSVP as soon as possible as seats are limited by sending an Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..Those who reserved their spot will receive a confirmation email with the final joining instructions. If you are not sure you will make it, you still can send us an email and we will put your name on the tentative list. This will reserve you a spot and you don’t have to worry about being on the waiting list.

The Camelot Hotel has offered us 1,700 Baht for the deluxe room or 1,400 Baht for the superior room including breakfast. The website for booking and other information about the Camelot can be found at http://www.camelotpattaya.net. However, we recommend booking directly with agoda or booking (see links at the end) as you might get a better deal there.

So, please reserve your seat with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you will enjoy a great day of spoofing.

Gentlemen, when the hands are out.
On behalf of Carl “Tenpole” SellicK
Walter Kreutzner
Co-Chairman of the Bangkok Gentlemen Spoofers


Booking links:
Agoda: https://www.agoda.com/camelot-hotel/hotel/pattaya-th.html?checkin=2017-05-26&los=2&adults=1&rooms=1&cid=1732929

Booking: http://www.booking.com/hotel/th/the-camelot-pattaya.html?aid=915306&checkin_monthday=26&checkin_month=5&checkin_year=2017&checkout_monthday=28&checkout_month=5&checkout_year=2017&no_rooms=1&group_adults=2

Other recommended hotels in the area:
In case the Camelot is fully booked, the Sun City is directly opposite the Camelot. Also walking distance to the venue is the Beverly Plaza Hotel, the Nova Platinum Hotel, the Sun Xclusive Hotel and the Koenig Mansion.

How to go there:

A lot of fellows booking their flight for the ASIANS right now. I have been asked how to go to Pattaya best. Don’t fly to U Taphao (UPT). You still need a ride to Pattaya town with is about 45 minutes - or more. The easiest way is to fly to Bangkok Suvanabuhmi (BKK) and then transfer to Pattaya via taxi/limo. From Suvanabuhmi:
    • Take a taxi down to Pattaya. Should be around 1,000 Baht. You can take a taxi direct from the taxi-lane in the airport. Driver should use the meter but if he is asking for 1,000 Baht (not more) that is fine.
    • Take a limousine. Book the limousine inside the terminal. More expensive than a taxi. ~1,500 (promotion, usually 1,800)
    • Book a taxi from Pattaya via web. E.g.: http://www.pattayaeasytaxi.com/ or http://www.mikepattayataxi.com/rate-of-service/
    • Take a bus from the airport to Pattaya central bus station and from there a taxi/tuk tuk to the hotel. About 5 times per day, around 100 Baht. (not really recommended)

Fast Track Immigration Service:

After a few discussions by email and during Spoofing last Tuesday, our fellow George mentioned the fast track immigration Service in Suvanarbuhmi airpot (BKK). No queuing at immigration, direct pick-up at the plane with an electric cart etc. I used it before and it is quite comfortable for those who doesn't want to wait or are in a hurry. Check out their website at https://www.bangkokflightservices.com/home/bfs-services/premium-airport-services Directly to bookong here.


Update 7th March 2017: How to go there

Update 14th March 2017: Fast Track Immigration Service

Thai National Championships 2016

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We are pleased to advise you that the Bangkok Gentlemen Spoofers will be holding the Thai National Spoofing Championships ( Nationals XXVIII ) on the evening of Friday 9th December, 2016. Start 6pm with pre-spoofing drinks. Spoof-off 7pm sharp.

The general committee of the British Club denied our request to spoof in the Spoofers Bar (former the (New) Churchill Bar aka the Lords Restaurant) but we were able to arrange the much larger Surawong-room on the upper floor with smoking balcony.

Cost of the evening should be around 2,500 Thai Baht. BC members will be charged directly to their account. Non BC-Member can pay 2500 Baht in advance or 2700 Baht at the door. As usual we have arranged free flow of beer, house spirits and mixers, buffet dinner, and Port after dinner. And I forgot to mention the spoof.

Dress Code will be Black Tie, Spoofing Blazer, Red Sea Rig or National Dress. Dress code violations will be fined - normally a bottle of Port.

Walter 'Sauerkreut' Kreutzner and Tony 'Slowpoke' Rodriguez

//Updated 26.11.16 with additional information.


the TNC 2016 will be held on the day of Friday, December 9, 2016. Most likely in the (New) Churchill bar in the British Club. Or - if the (New) Churchill Bar is not available - in the Surawonse-Room.
As I don’t have a written confirmation from the British Club yet, the date is still tentative.
Further information in due course.


14th Asian Spoofing Championship

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It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the 14th Asian Spoofing

Our herald and hallowed competition will be held on Saturday, September 24th
at the Makati Palace Hotel in Manila.

Makati Palace Hotel

We got a special deal with the Makati Palace Hotel, so click right here and get your booking.

On September 24th the bar opens at 3:30 and Spoof off will be 4 PM. Dinner will be served about 7 PM and our final championship
spoofing round should end at 10 PM, leaving us with just enough time to investigate the armpit(s) of  P Burgos Street.

Dresscode is Black Tie, Spoofing Blazer, National Dress or Red Sea Rig.

Cost in advance is 3000 baht / 4000 pesos, which includes three course
dinner, free flow drinks, Coin Warmer entertainment, and World Class
Spoofing comradery.  Book very soon as we have a limit of 30 punters so I
expect we will sell out.   As usual, all event profits and fines from the
evening will be donated to the Spoofers charity for under privileged

On Friday evening, the 23rd, Les Stokes and the Manila Club Spoofers will
lead the charge, plunging us into an evening of Philippine  Culture and Coin
Warmer Selection.

Please contact us to make a reservation to pay by cash or bank transfer if you are
in Thailand.  If you are outside of Thailand, contact us and we can make
special global arrangements.


XIII Asian Spoofing Championship

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Final Joining Instructions
XIII Asian Spoofing Championship
Friday the 29th, 7:00PM Queen Victoria Pub Sukhumvit Soi 23- Welcome Toast, Coin Warmer Inspection, Spoofer Bubble Show
Saturday the 30th, 3:30PM Queen Victoria Pub, Sukhumvit Soi 23 – Asian Spoofing Championship
Esteemed Championship Contenders,
Herewith your final 'joining instructions' for this Friday and Saturday
Friday 7 PM join us at the Queen Victoria Pub on Sukhumvit Soi 23 for Registration, Welcome Toast, Coin Warmer Selection and Spoofer Bubble Show. Price is for both days is 2,900 Thai baht cash ONLY!
While this will be a casual fun evening, Gentlemen Spoofers are encouraged to dress as Spoofers, in spoofing blazer, spoofing polo, Candy striped slippers or similar Spoofing wear,  as to be easily spotted as part of  the tribe. No ties please!
Friday evening, we will have finger food, glowing welcoming speeches and a toast to our intrepid contenders!  But after that, my fellow Spoofers, all drinks are in your own bin Friday and pay heed to the words of our infamous friend Swampy, “Bangkok is the most expensive cheap place I’ve ever been!”.
We will soon move on to the salacious Soi Cowboy!  Keep an eye out for the potential Coin Warmers but keep the other eye on your drink bin! Any molestation or spoilment of Coin Warmers will be heavily fined!!!! Our spotters are everywhere!
9PM sharp, we will be in our Soi Cowboy HQ, Long Gun Bar!!  No food or drinks will be provided but, dear Spoofers, the scales will fall from your eyes!  This one or that one?  I’m not sure!  How about all of them?  Up to you!!!  Mama-san has assured us the Spoofers will be most welcome and the girls will delight us will a special show choreographed just us!
Saturday 3:30 PM – Queen Victoria Pub Sukhumvit Soi 23 - Asian Spoofing Championship
Please arrive at Queen Victoria,  as near to 3:30 PM Saturday as possible, so that we can complete the sign-in, registration and payment formalities as quickly as possible if you have not done so. 

Spoofing starts at 4:00PM !!! Those not present risk relegation to the repechage or even disqualification. Without a doubt they will be heavily fined unless deemed to have a good excuse – “I was lost on Soi Cowboy…, I went to Indigo.., Who are you guys anyway?..” will NOT be deemed to be valid excuses!


Etiquette decrees that three coins of equal size be used in the Championship. 
Dress Code for Saturday:  Black Tie,  Spoofing/Rugby Blazer,  Red Sea Rig  or  National Dress.
Drinks  :  Free-flow soft drinks, beer and wine, plus some bottled beers and all house pouring brands of spirits.  No champagne, Shirley Temples, Flaming Gorilla Tits, or other Gay Drinks.  Port after dinner. 
Food   :    Pre-spoofing finger snacks with your drinks on arrival. Three course dinner prior the semi-finals.
Fines   :   The  ASIANS is the Bangkok Gentlemen Spoofers main fundraiser for Underprivileged Thai Children.   Our Fines Master, Simon “Douche Bag” Davis ably assisted by his 'Spotters', will be imposing fines on all of us at various stages of the evening for a wide range of actual, virtual, imagined and even unlikely misdemeanors  --  or merely at their own capricious whim.    
The 'normal' fine will be 100 Baht each time but if  you are argumentative, foreign or rich then this may change .................  if you don't have a 100 Baht note available, they will relieve you of the next HIGHEST note denomination (no change given). I strongly advise all of you to arrive with a seriously large wedge of 100  Baht notes in your pocket.
Calcutta   :   The usual Calcutta will, of course, be held under the  control of The Ratcatcher in order to sell off the semi-final 'horses'  -- so bring plenty of dosh for that, either to bid on your own or as part of your chosen Syndicates.  

World Spoofing Championships 2016

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[UPDATE 04.04.2016: Added details about the Molly Malone´s and the Thai Cultural Tour]

[UPDATE 25.03.2016: Added the British Club permanent membership information and price list] 

[UPDATE 22.01.2016: Removed advance notice and added official invitation]



Geoff Walker, the World Spoofing Champion 2015, set the date and then venue for the World Spoofing Championships 2016




World Spoofing Championship 2016

 “Bringing the Blazer for a Home Visit”

 Official Invitation



Please register your interest in participating in the World Spoofing Championships 2016. This is now the official invitation, and all will need to respond, whether or not you have indicated interest in attending previously.


Event Details:

13th April, British Club of Bangkok, 4 pm for 4:15 Spoofing.

Entry fee THB 4,250, a touch over $US110. Payment details will be provided to those whom the organizing committee select for participation. Payment after due date will be THB 4,750.

The Bar will be open as from 3:30 pm, and it will be open for beer, wine, house spirits and of course those all-important soft drinks.



It is likely the Bangkok Gentlemen Spoofers will arrange a gathering the previous night 12 April. In your confirmation of your wish to attend, please state your interest in participation.



The plan is to source polos for participants. Please advise your size when you confirm you interest.


Accommodation Options:

Please follow the link to review suggestions from the Bangkok Gentlemen Spoofers:

http://wsc2016.com/ [this site]


About You:

In your confirmation of your wish to participate, please advise your Spoofing credentials and your present School where you enjoy your Spoofing activities.





For Members of the Bangkok School, please confirm your interest to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 5 February 2016.

For other Spoofers, please confirm your interest at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  also by 5 February 2016.



Next Steps:

It is intended to decide the participant list by 19 February. Confirmed attendees will then be required to make payment by 29 February.

In the week prior to the Championships, the draw for the first round will be sent to all confirmed and paid participants, so we can spoof-off at the appointed time.



Remember to provide credentials, School and size for the commemorative polo in your response.



Geoff Walker

World Spoofing Champion 2015

Proud Wearer of the Bangkok Blazer





Thank you, Geoff for the official invitation.

The Bangkok Gentlemen Spoofers are proud to have the World Spoofing Championships in Bangkok in 2016. On this page you will find all the information you need for you travel arrangements, your stay in Bangkok and the championships itself.

When: Wednesday 13.April 2016 from 3:30pm onwards 

Where: The British Club in Bangkok, Thailand


The British Club Bangkok is the venue where the Bangkok Gentlemen Spoofers are spoofing continuously for the last 27 years. We spoof there every Tuesday and we held every Thai National Championship (TNC) in the British Club. For those interested, you can read the article of the inaugural spoof here (from the Outpost Magazine).

As you may or may not know the 13. April 2016 is the first day of the Thai New Year celebrations. The Thai New Year is called Songkran and will take place from the 13th April 2016 to 15th April 2016.

In Bangkok it is celebrated pretty wet and crazy. Everywhere during Songkran there will be people throwing water(except in the British Club). Imagine a gigantic wet tee-shirt contest. Lower Silom (between Rama 4 Rd. and Narathiwas Rd.) is totally crazy. This is not the British Club side. Put your phone and wallet in plastic bags and smile when you get wet. In the traditional way the water pouring is meant as a symbol of washing away all of their sins and bad luck.

The whole city will be one big party area and it will be difficult to get around without being soaked, therefore the best way of reaching The British Club is Uber. We will update the Uber details later. Please check for more details soon.


Here are some Hotels recommended by us:

The closest hotel to the British Club is the Triple Two Silom Boutique Hotel.

Leaving through the back entrance of the hotel it is only 100 metre walk to the British Club. The risk of becoming wet while walking to the club tends to zero (well, I can't promise that). The Triple Two is a 4 star hotel in the 55 US$ per night price range if you book early. You can easily book the Triple Two following this link (via agoda).


Second closest to the British Club is the Narai Hotel right beside the Triple Two hotel. Same here: Leaving through the back entrance of the hotel it is only 100 metre walk to the British Club. The risk of becoming wet while walking to the club tends to zero (I can't promise that either). The Narai is also a 4 star hotel but a little older than the Triple two. Price range is about 40 to 45 US$ per night. Easily book the Narai Hotel here (via agoda).


Also close to the British Club is The Lebua at State Towers It is a 2-3 minutes ride by taxi to the venue (still located on Silom Road, should not cost more than 2 US$). The Lebua is a 5 star hotel and well known for the Scirocco Club on the rooftop. Price range is 115-150 US$ per night. Great hotel facilities if you want to relax in one place after the championships. Check out the Lebua here.


The Amara Bangkok Hotel is not located on Silom road but also just a 3 minutes taxi ride to the club (located on Surawong road). A 5 start hotel with great hotel facilities but slightly cheaper than the Lebua Towers. Price range is 80 to 95 US$ per night. Check and book the Amara Bangkok here.


The Le Meridien Bangkok Hotel is situated on Surawong road and a 5 minutes ride to the venue. Very close (walking distance) to the famous Patpong night market where we want to join for a few drinks the day before the championships. Price range is 95-115 US$ per night. Contestants should be able arrive at the venue dry as the hotel can fetch a taxi for you. Check out and/or the Meridien here (via agoda).


The Raya Surawong Hotel is located at the end of Suranwong road and also in walking distance to the famous Patpong night market. Taxi ride to the venue is about 5 minutes. A 3 Star hotel in the 55 US$ range. Book the Raya here (via agoda).


A very comfortable place is the Shangri-La. A 5 minutes taxi ride to the venue. The 5 star hotel to stay and relax. Well, price is about 180 US$ per night but worth any single dime. Spacious room and voted to the number one hotel in Asia for a couple of times. Book the Shangi-La here.



Last but not least the Novotel Fenix Silomm. A 4 star hotel with just a 3 minutes ride to the venue. Price is about 50 US$ per night. Highly recommended the hotel bar call Maggie Choo's with great entertainment every evening. If you stay in the Novotel Maggie Choo's is a must. Check it out or book here.

 Temporary Membership

We are happy to announce that The British Club Bangkok offered a temporary membership for all our attendees. If you choose to purchase the daily or weekly option for yourself or your family you can use all of the great facilities in The British Club Bangkok which include a 25 metre swimming pool four tennis courts, three squash courts, thai massage facilities and many more. If you would like to get more informations about the facilities at The British Club Bangkok you can read about them here.

Pricing information and the requirements for the temporary membership (from The British Club):

Please be advised that we ask incoming spoofers to present 2 items upon arrival.

1. Original Passport (with immigration slip showing date of entry into Thailand).
2. Credit Card.
3. Payment in advance for the temporary fee.
Baht 432
Baht 720
Baht 2,160
Baht 3,600
Once all of these items are presented together, we will be more than happy to proceed with the registration.

Molly Malone´s & Thai Cultural Tour 

Please join us on Tuesday the 12th at 6PM at Molly Malone’s Pub, 2nd floor  on Convent Road.  Happy hour beverages and finger food will be provided, just enough to whet your appetite, for the Thai Cultural Tour to immediately follow.

P S – Molly Malone’s details are  below. Tuesday evening is the beginning of Songkran Holiday in Thailand. If you have not been, imagine the world’s biggest wet tee-shirt contest. Put your phone and wallet in a plastic baggy(your hotel will not laugh at you when you ask for one). Traffic maybe incredibly bad. Avoid taxis. Walk or take BTS or MRT. Molly’s is a 3 minute walk from Sala Daeng BTS station.  You may still get doused with water in those 3 minutes, so feel free to wear your speedos, swimming goggles, and singlets! And don’t forget to smile when splashed!


The World Spoofing Championships 2016 in Bangkok are sponsored by:

Club Electric Blue