The 25th anniversary of the BGS

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on Friday September 6, 2013 the Bangkok Gentlemen
Spoofers have their 25th anniversary. The inaugural spoof in 1988 which
resulted in the Bangkok Gentlemen Spoofers should be honoured with an
extraordinary spoof and an anniversary party. So, please mark Friday
Sep. 6, 2013 in you diaries and for the overseas: book your flights!
We will celebrate in the British Club from 7pm onwards. Sadly, we do not
have the Churchill bar any more. I expect at least all Thai National
Champions still living in Thailand to celebrate with us. If we would
have more then 12 fellows for the celebration, we can hold the "25th
Anniversary Championship". The best Spoofer will be awarded with 3
golden Spoofing coins. So, please let us know by sending and email to the Co-Chairmens,
if you plan to attend the 25th anniversary party. More on the
anniversary party in due course.