New Charity Project for the Sarnelli House

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You all know we supported the Sarnelli House with Classrooms earlier this year (all the details about this project you can find here)

Now we got a proposal from Father Puwanai about a chicken coop and a footbal court, he introduced us both in two short YouTube videos.

Chicken coop


Football court


Here is an abstract of the email Father Puwanai send to us.

It is very kind of you and the Spoofers to offer us another proposal to be approved. I have talked to my colleague, and we have some projects in mind. One is the chicken coop in the farm and another is small soccer court for the boys. I would like to initially ask you that these will be acceptable by the Spoofers? I realize that you prefer giving materials rather than money and construction. But I can guarantee to supervise everything as I did with the desk project. If it is OK I and the constructor team will make a budget and plan to propose to the Spoofers in details.

I have make VDOs posted in Youtube to let you see what we would like to do:

I am not asking you to support both. But if you kindly support one of these we will appreciate very much. Please let me know if you have a deadline for the proposal. Thank you very much indeed!

Best regards,

Fr Puwanai Tantikun (Ole)

As soon as we get the full poposal we will discuss which project we want to support.