Chicken coop project final update and financial report

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Greetings from Sarnelli House!

I hope all of you are doing well. I am glad to tell you that the chicken coop project is done. Everything is finished in the end of February. I send you final update and complete financial report in two different files. (the final report file is small 4 pages but the financial one is big) Please see the attachment.

We spent 112,131 baht for the whole project and still have 5,869 baht left over from 118,000 baht that Nick sent twice (68,000 and 50,000). Please advise us how to return the left over money back to you. We are very much under the proposed and approved total budget (170,000 baht).

With the under budget money, I wonder if you are still interested to support other charity projects this year. I am thinking to ask your help for the small cement soccer court project if it is possible. I have shown you the VDO about the soccer court when I proposed the chicken coop project. Link is


Final report of the chicken coop project (.pdf)

Financial report of the Chicken coop project (.pdf)

Thank you very much to all of you! We especially the kids are so lucky to receive your help again. We would like you to visit the project whenever is convenient for you. If you have any questions please let us know.

Sincerely yours,

Fr Puwanai Tantikun (Ole)